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MLLA-38 Round Up part-1

Thanks to everyone for sending yummy dishes to make this event a success. Salads, dals, soups and curries with lentils galore!; It is indeed time to party. With such a gamut of yummies to try out, MLLA-38 has been yet again such a lentil blessing.

Sorry for the delay in publishing the round-up. With water flooding and car repairs, life got a little busy. Hope folks hit by Irene and Lee have recovered as well.

The second round-up and the prize announcement will happen in another 2 days. Do come back and check out the rest of the yummies.

 Rajani from My Kitchen Trials sends the following

12. Black eyed Peas Fritters from Harini-Jaya

vaishali sabnani from Gujrat, India sends the following

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Born a pampered Tanjavur tam-bram. Filter kaapi (coffee) rules. RF Engineer. Sucker for laughter. Travels here and there, but loves home. Only baggage carried is a shopping bag. Clicks her smile often and is usually day dreaming :). Watches a movie or sitcom while eating dinner everyday with her hubby. Loves being a child with her son. Bakes. Crochets. Cake Decorator. Hate superstitions but believes in instincts. Unpredictable. Organized. Complex.


  1. Hi Preeti, thanks for the round-up. Glad you didn't have to suffer more serious damage from Irene, take care!

  2. Oh, so hungry! This round-up is deadly to scroll through right before lunch. Sigh.

    Thank you for all your hard work, Preeti. I look forward to Part 2.

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