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MLLA-38 Round up part-2

Time for round up-2 and the announcement of the prize winner!!!! Hoping you guys have tried out some yummies from round-up-1 and waiting to try the ones below.

Richa from Hobby and More has won MLLA-38 both the prizes this time. She gets Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables:  A Common Sense Guide by Elizabeth Schneider and her choice of six bags of  Hurst Bean products. Richa, please do contact Susan with you address and other details.

Denny from Seatle, USA sends the following

36.  Malabar Spinach Dal from Harini, Michigan, USA

Lentil salad with zucchini and cheese

Corn, White Bean, and Squash Blossom Chowder
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Born a pampered Tanjavur tam-bram. Filter kaapi (coffee) rules. RF Engineer. Sucker for laughter. Travels here and there, but loves home. Only baggage carried is a shopping bag. Clicks her smile often and is usually day dreaming :). Watches a movie or sitcom while eating dinner everyday with her hubby. Loves being a child with her son. Bakes. Crochets. Cake Decorator. Hate superstitions but believes in instincts. Unpredictable. Organized. Complex.


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